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My Name is Kawamata Hiruma, a boy who like to drawing and designing character, specially the chibi ones. Iam starting my career as a doujinka, with my first doujin “Armor Walker”, the story about a highschool boy who have the power to wear angel’s armor. This job (or I should call it as a hobby), was around 3 years, and with the end of Armor Walker’s story in volume 4, I start to be a mangaka. My first manga is Nirvana (sadly it only limited). I worked as mangaka only for one year. and only create one manga, Nirvana, in two volume. almost in the same year, I work as creative designer. In that time (until now, it’s probably two years) I create Two novel’s story, called Order of Heaven, and Twist. And two doujin called Ajishaka, and Debonium. In January 2013, I try to create a Visual Novel game, and this July, my first Visual Novel game, with Historical theme was published. It called Twist – Majapahit.

Unofficial Chibi Encyclopedia - Kamen Rider Fourze

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Chibi Drawing - Iron Man Movie

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Twist - Majapahit (Indonesian version)

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Twist - 01 Timun Mas

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Twist 02 - Baruklinting

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